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Meet turo turo

Turo Turo aims to serve up Filipino food that is; bold, accessible, innovative and health conscious. Established in August, 2018 and was founded by British born Filipino, Rex De Guzman, a chef and aspiring entrepreneur. Turo Turo originally began its mission popularising Filipino food as a street food stall competing and winning awards such as; “the best vegetarian dish” in the UK national finals of the ‘British Street Food Awards in 2019’

turo turo food at Queens Head Holborn
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If you’re looking for the perfect pub experience to celebrate with your team, throw a birthday bash to make someone feel extra special or just fancy gathering the troops together, why not host your event at The Queen’s Head?

With a bar packed to the brim with classic cocktails, bubbles on ice or even just a round of beers to cheers the ones you love, we’re certain we can make your event unforgettable.